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APHGA Report for Month of February 2010

The Great A. A. Pomeroy Book Update Project

Over these past few weeks Nancy and Caryn continued to research Edwin Guilford Pomeroy (Francis Austin, Francis W., Spencer, Pliny, Daniel, Ebenezer, Medad, Eltweed), and his connection with the McKeen Motor Car Company. We have branched out and are looking at co-workers and friends in order to find as much information about Edwin as we possibly can. Caryn found a wonderful website hosted by the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society that has indexes of vital records. Additional information can be obtained through the Society for nominal costs. We encourage you to visit their website at

We’ve also been looking at what we’ve accomplished this past year, and have set goals for this year. We’ve broken the goals up into several projects which will be led or co-led by our researchers.

Lee will be heading up the Publication Project. Our goal is to publish articles in local newspapers and genealogical and historical society newsletters and journals relating to the research we’ve been doing. Our goal is to increase the awareness of the APHGA and to spotlight some of our researchers’ writing skills.

Betty and Ed will be reviewing research we’ve already gathered that has not previously matched any of the many families in our various Pomeroy databases. They will be doing additional research to connect these as of yet unconnected people.

Barb is taking a closer look at our Eltweed database to identify where we are missing information on Pomeroys and where we need to fill in additional information along collateral lines. She’s created a spreadsheet to keep track of this information and Betty and Ed should find this helpful as they are going through unmatched records.

Rick is heading up the Lineage Society project. He will be learning the ins and outs of successful lineage society applications, while applying for Bill’s membership to these societies. As Rick gains knowledge in this area he will be able to help guide other APHGA members as they navigate these often tricky waters.

Caryn will be taking over the data-entry of the George Pomeroy genealogy into its’ own database.

Lee continued to review and transcribe Pomeroys in the NYS Vital Records index at the Onondaga County Public Library. She also copied various Pomeroy, Ball, and Coe records found in the vertical files at the library. She also reviewed and copied Pomeroys in Border Crossings through Canada/Maine, and re-examined the Drouin Vital & Church Records, 1621-1967 for additional matches.

Rick, Barb, Caryn and Betty continued reviewing the 1865 NY State Census available through Betty and Ed continue to add matched US and Canadian vital records, military records and border crossings to our various databases. Ed has been entering a large Pomeroy family who settled in Cobourg, Province of Ontario, Canada. Barb continued to review Pomeroys in America’s Historic Newspapers.

Rick copied several Erie County, NY probate records including James W. Higgins, Thomas A. Pomeroy, Oliver Pomeroy and Ralph M. Pomeroy. Nancy has been researching a Pomeroy family from Maryland and has linked them to Chuck Pomeroy’s Front Royal, Virginia family.

Have you been watching “Faces of America” hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on PBS? If so, don’t miss “Who Do You Think You Are” airing this Friday night at 8pm on NBC. We’re interested to see whether the NBC show is using autosomal DNA testing as “Faces of America” is. FamilyTreeDNA will be launching their own autosomal DNA testing in March. For a great explanation of the different types of DNA tests available and what they mean, check out the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation’s website at .

The Pomeroy Collection

Nancy transcribed the address books of Etta May (Stansberry) Pomeroy. Etta May was married to Edwin Guilford Pomeroy (Francis Austin, Francis W., Spencer, Pliny, Daniel, Ebenezer, Medad, Eltweed). Etta May was the daughter of James Harvey Stansberry and his first wife Rebecca Jane Burtlow. Etta’s siblings were Albert, Charles, William Taylor, Alphia Armintta, and Martha Ellen. Etta May also had half siblings Sarah M, James Arthur, Rebecca, Samuel Earl and Glen Stansberry, through her father’s marriage to Isaphena Wall. A letter in the Etta May Stansberry collection also indicates that Etta May may have had another half sibling, Edith (Stansberry) Harter. We are researching to identify who Edith’s mother was. One of the last notations in a small address book written in Etta May’s handwriting has shed some light on the final resting place of Etta May’s sister Alphia Armintta. We have traced Armintta to the Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Queens, NY. Nancy has ordered a death certificate to verify that the Armintta Clark buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery is indeed Etta May’s sister. Nancy was able to get the death certificate number thanks to the efforts of Italian Genealogical Group. This organization has posted NY City and surrounding area vital records indexes on their website, free of charge. You can visit them at Our hats off to these researchers!

The Pomeroy Anvil Trail

Nancy has been communicating with Arthur Carter of the Pembroke Historical Society in Pembroke, ME regarding the installation of a Pomeroy Anvil Monument dedicated to Thomas W. Pom(e)roy, the Clairvoyant Herbalist. Arthur, a member of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, has offered to bring our Pomeroy research up at the next meeting. We’re trying to confirm that Thomas’ father David and Uncle Benjamin were the children of Richard Pomeroy and were baptized at St. Stephen. If so, does this family descend from Richard Pomeroy of the Isles of Shoals?

The Mary Ann Coe Project

Pat and Judy will be co-leads on the Mary Ann Coe Project. They will be assessing the Huron County, Ohio research that remains to be transcribed and entered into our databases. We have been combing the Firelands Pioneer back issues to better familiarize ourselves with the early settlers in the communities where Mary Ann, her Coe uncles and husbands lived. We’re working to identify where these early settlers came from to see if there are relationships we have been previously unaware of. We’re hoping that these relationships give us further insight into Mary Ann’s life and also identify new areas for additional research.

Rick has finished copying the Bela De Cost Coe probate file and has started to transcribe the will, and inventory and has started to create an every name index.

We have added 1150 new people, 258 new sources and 5512 new citations to our genealogy databases over the past month.

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  1. Sue Grise, suegrise74@msn.comAugust 11, 2010 at 12:54 PM

    I am a descendant of Kate L. Pomeroy, b. 1854 (father: Luther), through her younger son, my great-grandfather. He is not in the old Pomeroy book and I haven't found his info on Rootsweb, so it is possible I have info that you do not yet have. I will also be subscribing to the blog. Thanks! --Sue Grise,


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