Tuesday, February 2, 2010

APHGA Weekly Report 2/2/2010

The Great A. A. Pomeroy Book Update Project

Barb continued her review of Pomeroys or variant spellings in America’s Historic Newspapers. She is up to the Civil War era and has been totally immersed in “Brick” Pomeroy’s newspapers.

Barb, Rick and Betty continue to review and transcribe Pomeroys and Coes in the 1865 NY State Census.

Caryn and Nancy continue to research Edwin Guilford Pomeroy (Francis A., Francis W., Spencer, Pliny, Daniel, Ebenezer, Medad, Eltweed) and his work with the McKeen Motor Car Company. Nancy transcribed Edwin’s daybook for the year 1915 in which he noted the work that he did for McKeen, including places he traveled and business contacts. This information has helped us to further pinpoint which McKeen Motor Cars Edwin actually worked on (either building or repairing). Nancy contacted several railroad historical societies and the Army Air Force Historical Association (the Army Air Services purchased a McKeen Motor Car in 1917, also we have a pass that was issued to Edwin from the Aeronautical Experimental Station at Langley Field in Hampton, VA for a period ending 20 Jul 1918). Nancy also learned that the McKeen Motor Car Company also manufactured a gasoline powered windlass for the United States Army Balloon School (date unknown). Caryn located Edwin at the Oak Ridge Sanitarium/Hotel in Green Spring, OH in 1899. She found an obituary for Julia (Horalek) Tressler, Etta May’s co-worker and friend when she was a nurse living in Omaha, NE. Julia’s obituary identifies her as a graduate of the Bethany Hospital School of Nursing. This hospital is no longer in operation in Omaha, and Caryn is researching to see if records for the school may exist at another repository. Caryn also located an obituary for Julia’s brother Edward that lists their parents and siblings. Caryn found census records for Harry Tressler (Julia’s husband and Edwin’s friend) living with his parents in Liberty OH, and living as a boarder in Bucyrus, OH in the 1900 US Federal Census. Caryn is now searching for Harry’s obituary. Nancy transcribed a listing of addresses of friends and relatives of Edwin Pomeroy which was undated, and entered research into our Pomeroy database.

Betty continues to enter matched Canadian vital records research which Lee has found into the Unlinked Pomeroy database. She has also been filing entered WWI Draft Registration records and entering matched Social Security Death Index records. These records often lead to additional research as Betty checks to make sure that all census records have been identified and entered for these individuals.

Lee worked with Ed to sort out Canadian Pomeroys, Pomerleaus and Pommerois in Quebec. She also re-examined several of the Drouin Records for the Acadia/New Brunswick areas and Border Crossing records to see if any additional matches could be found in our databases, several connections were made to our Unlinked Pomeroy database. Ed continued to review Maine city directories and enter matched records. This week he concentrated on Portland, Livermore, East Livermore and Livermore Falls.

The Pomeroy Collection

Nancy organized and filed items that were donated by Paula Miller, the Director of the William G. Pomeroy foundation.

The Pomeroy Anvil Trail

Rick located and requested a copy of the deed for the Religious Society of Sodus (the forerunner of the Lyons Presbyterian Church) from the Ontario County Records and Archives.

Nancy updated the Lyons, NY Pomeroy Anvil webpage at http://americanpomeroys.org/Lyons.html .

The Mary Ann Coe Project

Pat continued to add 1820 Huron County, OH heads of household to our database, this week she concentrated on Ridgefield, Lyme, and Vermillion. By doing this, Pat has found connections between early residents of Huron County and Onondaga County. A Robert Barber was listed as a head of household in Huron County in 1820 census. Was this the father of Sarah Barber (b. 1812 in Onondaga Co., NY) who married Judge William Grove Pomeroy (Grove, Grove, Phinehas, Medad, Joseph, Medad, Eltweed)? If anyone is researching this family, please contact Nancy!

Pat found another possible connection to the Pomeroy family and early settlers of Huron County, OH. One of the heads of household for Huron County in 1820 was a Benjamin Munn. Is this the brother of Dorothy Munn who married Ralph Mosely Pomeroy (Daniel Jr, Daniel, Ebenezer, Medad, Eltweed)?

Pat also researched the most interesting Edward Bela Coe, son of Chauncey H. Coe and heir to his uncle Bela DeCost Coe’s estate. When his uncle died in Nov. 1852, Edward could not be found and the family advertised in an 1856 whaling newspaper, offering a $200 reward for information about him. An 1871 newspaper stated he had been arrested in Skaneateles for forgeries in the amount of 416,000 to $18,000.

Rick continued his research into the availability of purchasing microfilmed copies of Ohio court, real property and probate records. He reviewed the Stark County website to identify records of interest including cemetery records. These cemetery records are the transactions for plots in various county cemeteries. Rick also spent time at the Family History Center reviewing and making copies of probate records for Erie County, NY, including the file of James W. Higgins, Henry, Oliver, Ralph M, Robert and Thomas A Pomeroy and Bela DeCost and Edward B. Coe.

We have added 264 people, 57 sources and 1,257 citations to our genealogy databases over the past week.

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