Friday, June 1, 2012


When Jerry and I visited Southampton last fall, we went to the Clark Chapman House.  The house was built by Sardis Pomeroy Chapman, a shoemaker, whose first wife was a Searle.  He later became interested in genealogy and traced his wife’s Searle line.  He also compiled the vital records and church records of Southampton.  These important records have been preserved in the Southampton Library.

Anyway, back to the Clark Chapman House.  It is now a museum, run by the Southampton Historical Society, and it is filled with wonderful items from Southampton, spanning several centuries.  There are two samplers at the house, and I remember trying to take photographs of them, but because they are framed and behind glass, they did not come out well.  I have a small notebook that I keep in my purse, so I wrote down the information on the samplers in this book, and promptly forgot all about them.

This past week, Jerry and I went to a local restaurant to see Jesus Bas, a wonderful singer/songwriter and guitar player from Madrid.  I had an idea for a song, so I quickly grabbed my little notebook and leafed through it to find a blank page.  In doing so, I came across the sampler information from our Southampton trip.

I just checked our database to see if I could figure out which Pomeroy girls made the samplers.  The first one was made by a Mary Ann Pomeroy in August, 1826.  She was 12 years old.

Imagine my surprise when I realized the sampler was made by Mary Ann Pomeroy, daughter of Isaac Pomeroy and Mary Spaulding, who would later marry David Pomeroy.

This is the woman so prominently featured in the Susanna Cole letters!!!

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