Friday, August 5, 2011

Berkshire County, MA Probate Index Now On Line - Mystery Pomeroy

I was reading Dick Eastman's blog this morning ( and noticed the article about an online probate index for Berkshire County, MA ( As there are many Pomeroys in Berkshire County, I thought I'd take a look.

The index takes you to scanned pages of the typed index, and I transcribed all the Pomeroys. One really caught my eye as it was an adoption and name change which took place in Hinsdale Aug. 10, 1865 (Probate # 18863). The mystery is the first name of this individual, as there seems to be a tear in the page, or an ink stain, right over the first name, completely obliterating it! This index is in order by Surname, then First name, and this person falls between Curtis Pomeroy and Fannie S. Pomeroy, but who is he/she? Does anyone know this family? If so, please contact me at

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