Friday, July 29, 2011

Incredible Letter Collection

One of our members, Susanna C., has generously offered to lend us her Pomeroy letter collection.

So far we have scanned 62 letters, dating between 1804 and 1856, all relating to the the Isaac Pomeroy/Mary Spaulding family. Isaac Pomeroy (Isaac, Elisha, Eldad, Caleb, Eltweed), married Mary Spaulding, (daughter of Rev. Josiah Spaulding and Mary Williams) on 8 Mar 1810 in Buckland, MA. Isaac died at the young age of 33, in 1815, leaving widow Mary Pomeroy and their daughter Mary Ann Pomeroy (1814-1864).

Mary Ann Pomeroy married David Pomeroy (Gideon, Joshua, Samuel, Caleb, Eltweed) 19 May 1831, in Southampton, MA. The couple had 4 children, one, David Alonzo Pomeroy, who died a month after Mary Ann's mother died.

The letters include many written by Spauldings and Pomeroys to Mary (Spaulding) Pomeroy, letters written to Isaac, many from his brother Rev. Rufus Pomeroy, letters written to Mary Ann (Pomeroy) Pomeroy and David Pomeroy, and a short diary by Mary Ann Pomeroy, daughter of Mary Ann and David Pomeroy, also a wedding announcement for Deborah Jane Spaulding "Jennie" Pomeroy, daughter of Maryann and David Pomeroy.

Susanna told me she is happy to have us share the images of these letters with anyone else researching this branch of the Pomeroy tree. We have just started to transcribe the letters and they are an incredible window into the lives and beliefs of early 19th Century New Englanders. The letters reflect a very Calvinist belief system, and the letter writers lives were, in many ways, extremely difficult, with sickness and death a prevalent theme of the letters.

Our thanks to Susanna, and her family, for preserving and sharing these priceless bits of history.

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