Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shem Loomis Family in Onondaga County Poorhouse 1836

As many of you may already know, I've been transcribing the first two Onondaga County, NY Poorhouse Ledgers. I'm on the second ledger, and towards the end of the book, and I believe I've found another family who were Pomeroy descendants.

On Jan 27, 1836, Shem, Hannah, George, Rachel, Frederick and Henry Loomis checked into the Poorhouse from the town of Clay. Their expenses were also charged to the town of Clay. Shem, Hannah, George, Rachel and Frederick Loomis were discharged May 9, 1836, Henry having died on May 6, 1836. The family received clothing and fabric, with the exception of Henry, whose only charges were that of his funeral expense at $1.50. No ages are given for this family in the Poorhouse Ledger, but it would appear from Henry's funeral expense that he was probably at least a teenager (the funeral expenses of younger people average between 50 cents and $1.00, while adults average between $1.50 and $2.00).

A check of the book Descendants of Joseph Loomis In America, by Elisha S. Loomis (self published, 1909), identifies the following children of Shem and Hannah (Losey or Loise) Loomis (Shem born 19 Jun 1788, Hannah born unknown):
Hannah, b. 27 Jun 1812
Melinda, b. 1813
Elvira, b. 1 May 1814
George, b. 1815
Rachel, b. 1817
Frederick, b. 4 Jan 1819

US Federal Census records for 1850 show Shem Loomis, b. abt 1788 in MA and Hannah Loomis, b. abt 1792 in CT, living in Hector, Tompkins Co., NY. The 1860 US Federal Census shows Shem and Hannah living in the Frederick P. Loomis household in Hector, Tompkins Co., NY. Shem is listed as 71 yrs of age and Hannah 66 yrs of age. Frederick Loomis is listed as 31 yrs of age, giving him an approximate birth year of 1829. The 1870 US Federal Census lists a Shem and Hannah living in Enfield, Tompkins Co., NY. Shem is 79 and Hannah 76. I believe this is the same family as identified in the Descendants of Joseph Loomis in America, and also in the History and Genealogy of the Pomeroy Family by Albert A. Pomeroy (#584, page 186), but the ages are off a little for Frederick. Mecklenburg, NY where Shem died according to the books previously mentioned, is just over 5 miles west of Enfield, NY.

This Shem Loomis was the son of Shem Loomis and Rhoda Winter, and the grandson of Amos Loomis and Hannah Pomeroy (Eldad, Caleb, Eltweed).

Is anyone else researching this family? I'd love to find out how long they were in Clay, and why they were in the Poorhouse. Was it because Henry was ill?

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