Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lyons, NY Anvil Monument Installation and Dedication

The Seventh in a series of monuments celebrating the achievements of the Pomeroy Family in America will be dedicated at the First Presbyterian Church in Lyons, NY, on Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 10:00am. The dedication will be part of the Church’s regular Sunday services.

Reverend Francis Pomeroy was the first installed pastor of the First Presbyterian Church and served the church from 1814 through 1825. Reverend Pomeroy also assisted in the founding of Presbyterian churches in Ira Center, Huron, Rose, Newark and Palmyra. Reverend Francis was baptized in Northampton, MA in 1767 and was licensed to preach by the Middle Association on June 20, 1805 in Homer, NY. His first pastoral assignment in New York State was in Brutus. Reverend Pomeroy lived on the lot adjoining the current location of the First Presbyterian Church and was buried in the Presbyterian Church Burial Ground in December 1836.

The monument is dedicated to Reverend Pomeroy and all of the pastors of the First Presbyterian Church of Lyons which just celebrated its 200th anniversary this year. The monument will be installed on Friday, December 11th, at 9:00am, prior to the dedication. The Church is located at 11 Queen St., Lyons, NY.

Other Pomeroy Anvil Monuments are installed in Pompey, NY; Sandusky, OH; Northampton, MA; Westhampton, MA; Peekskill, NY and Syracuse, NY. To learn more about the Pomeroy Anvil Trail, please visit the American Pomeroy Historic Genealogical Association’s website at

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