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APHGA Bi-Weekly Report

The Great A. A. Pomeroy Book Update Project

These past two weeks showed continuing progress matching and entering vital records from the and New England Historic Genealogical Society online records for Pomeroys or variant spellings:
  • Barb finished matching the Vermont Divorce Index, the Massachusetts Death Index, Connecticut Marriages 1959-2001, the Barbour Collection of CT birth and death records, Marriages in the Baltimore Sun 1851-1860, Jasper County MO Deaths 1878-1905, and the Index to Marriages and Deaths in the Baltimore Sun 1837-1850. Barb started matching New Orleans LA Birth Records Index 1790 - 1899.
  • Betty entered matched SSDI records and related census records into our several Pomeroy databases, and filed and organized our file cabinets.
  • Judy made copies of marriage records for Kalamazoo County index at the Family History Center in Kalamazoo. She came across a Howard L. Pomeroy b. abt 1915, parents Clarence S and Hazel (Knapp) Pomeroy who she could not identify. Clarence appears to be the son of James Pomeroy. Judy is pulling census records to try to better identify this family.

We also continued to check online newspapers for references to Pomeroys or variant spellings.

  • Barb continued her review of the New York State Library Online Newspaper Index.
  • Rick transcribed an article from the Essex County Republican regarding the Copake or Ancram Iron Works owned by Lemuel Pomeroy (Lemuel, Seth, Ebenezer, Medad, Eltweed) and sons.

Lee and Ed continued their research into Canadian and Maine Pomeroys:

  • Lee investigated Pomeroy material sent to us by the Cobourg Historical Association in Ontario, there is a strong possibility that these Pomeroys descend from Eltweed through Silas Pomeroy, although they are currently in our Unlinked Pomeroy database. Lee also reviewed genealogy forum messages that identify additional descendants of George and Rebecca (Palmer) Pomeroy, whom we believe to be the son of Silas (Abner, Caleb, Samuel, Caleb, Eltweed) and Sarah (Stone) Pomeroy. A.A. Pomeroy only identifies one child of Silas and Sarah, that being Henry. We have found what we believe are additional children of this union, and more may exist. If we can connect these additional children who settled in Canada and some who returned to the US, we can add a significant number of Eltweed descendants to our book project. Additional possible descendants of Silas and Sarah (Stone) Pomeroy include Abner and George Washington Pomeroy.
  • Lee also continued to track Eltweed descendants in Ernestown and Camden, Ontario, descendants of Daniel (Daniel, Noah, Joseph, Medad, Eltweed) and Patience (Perry) Pomeroy.
  • Ed continued to enter census and vital records and military record information into our Unlinked Pomeroy database. He has been focusing on a Pomeroy family who were born in ME and moved west to Rock County, WI and Winnebago, IL. The family descends from a Richard Pomeroy, b. abt 1771 who came from New Vineland, Somerset Co., ME.
    Judy and Nancy continued to enter miscellaneous records into our databases and Alena continued to enter the book “History and Genealogy of the Pomeroy Family and Collateral Lines England-Ireland-America comprising the Ancestors and Descendants of George Pomeroy of Pennsylvania”, by William McL. and J. Nevin Pomeroy (Cuneo Eastern Press, 1958) into the George Pomeroy database.

Nancy entered Pomeroy related information from the book “The Massachusetts Tax Valuation List of 1771”, edited by Bettye Hobbs Pruitt (Boston, G.K. Hall & Co., 1978). She also transcribed the tax list for the towns of Northampton and Southampton, MA.

Nancy also developed a tri-fold brochure for the APHGA. If any of our members are planning on attending a genealogy conference and would like to have some of these brochures to hand out, please contact Nancy and she can send some to you.

Nancy communicated with new members and other Pomeroy descendants seeking information on their ancestry. Betty assisted Nancy on additional research into Franklin Wright Pomeroy (Frederick Wright, Thomas Wright, Thomas, William, Daniel, Ebenezer, Medad, Eltweed), and his wife or wives, based on a new member’s ancestry and questions regarding his offspring. Betty was unable to find Franklin listed in the 1920 US Federal Census, but made some progress on More research needs to be done on this family.

The Pomeroy Anvil Trail

Nancy continued her research into the Reverend Francis Pomeroy (Timothy, Daniel, Ebenezer, Medad, Eltweed) for a Pomeroy Anvil Monument in Lyons, NY. Nancy spent a day at the Wayne County Clerk’s Office researching Francis’ and family’s land holdings and trying to determine the exact location of Village lot 2 in Lyons, NY. Nancy later met with the Session members of the First Presbyterian Church of Lyons to discuss placing the monument on Church property. The Session agreed to place the monument on Church property and we are now working on the logistics of building the foundation, laser etching the inscription on the monument, transporting the monument and installing it. Nancy will keep the members of the APHGA advised as we identify dates for the installation and later dedication of the monument.

Rick did a search of the survey of Evert Van Wickle (mentioned in Francis Pomeroy’s deed). He found several biographical references to him. In the late 1790s he was employed by Col. Williamson who was connected with the Pulteney Estates. Van Wickle apparently made a plan of the village of Lyons as part of this work. Since Wayne County had not been formed yet when the survey was done, Rick will look for the survey in Ontario County.

The Pomeroy Collection

New genealogical and historical society newsletters, journals and magazines were added to the library this week, including the latest issue of Internet Genealogy magazine which featured an interesting article on state archives and libraries with digitized collections, including libraries in VA, PA, and NJ. Another article featured the Essex Co., MA Quarterly Court Records 1636-1686 housed at the University of Virginia on their website at . The following Pomeroys or variant spellings were found in the index by volume:
• John Pomeroy, Vol II
• Richard Pomeroy, Vol IV
• John Pumroy, Vol V
• William Pumery, Vol VI
• John Pumeroy, Vol VII
• John Pomery, Vol IX
Additional links to Salem Witch Trial records are also available on this site.

The Mary Ann Coe Project

Bill’s third great-grandmother, Mary Ann Coe (1790-1852) married perhaps three times, left her first husband Spencer Pomeroy (Pliny, Daniel, Ebenezer, Medad, Eltweed), and settled as an independent woman in the frontier town of Norwalk, OH. A fortunate presidential connection has resulted in the preservation of hundreds of family letters, giving some insight but leading to more questions about this strong willed woman who refused to slip quietly into forgotten history.

Nancy continued her research into James Higgins, husband of Spencer Pomeroy’s sister Nancy. There is a possibility that James and Nancy and children left Manlius, NY and settled in Buffalo (then Niagara Co.), NY. Records for James in Manlius seemingly end in October 1817 when he pays the balance on tuition at the Pompey (NY) Academy. A newspaper article announcing the death of Mrs. James H. Higgins in Buffalo, NY, aged 50, led us to research the Buffalo area. Is this our James Higgins, and is the woman mentioned in the obituary Nancy Pomeroy? The age is right, but we need more evidence. A page by page search of the 1820 US Federal Records for Buffalo, Niagara County, NY identified a James Higgins as head of household. James (assumed the eldest member of the household) is in the right age range to be our James Higgins, as is the eldest woman in the household the right age range to be our Nancy (Pomeroy) Higgins. Further research of Buffalo sources online led to additional information regarding a James Higgins who was an early tax collector in Buffalo. Additional research is ongoing.

Rick contacted the Buffalo NY Office of Inactive Records for information concerning James Higgins as Collector, Bela D. Coe as Trustee and Henry R. Seymour as Treasurer of the Village of Buffalo. He wrote a letter to the department asking for records specific to these individuals.

Lee continued her review of the George Gross Fryer Papers at the Onondaga Historical Society in Syracuse, NY. These papers contain references to the Pomeroy Jones family (Nehemiah Jones, Anna Pomeroy, Eliakim Pomeroy, Noah, Joseph, Medad, Eltweed). Amongst these records were found an old letter written by “Cousin” Blackmer of Scottsville regarding the Pomeroy genealogy. Lee also went to the Onondaga County Clerk’s Office to examine Pompey Lot 65 (property that Spencer Pomeroy owned and later sold to his mother Sarah (Allen) Pomeroy) for clues to whom the title was transferred to in order to try to find a connection with Nathan R. Chapman.

Judy continued to check PERSI records for Coe, Higgins, Pomeroy and Powers surnames. She came across two letters written by Cornelius Higgins to his wife during the Revolution that are printed in the New England Historic Genealogical Register.

Rick reviewed Huron County, OH tax records for 1831 and 1832. The Estate of Edward Pettit was still listed as paying taxes on inlot 6 in Norwalk, although deeds filed in the Huron County Court identify Mary Ann as the legal land owner. Rick has ordered the Huron Count OH tax records for 1833 and 1834.

Rick also reviewed the Huron Reflector online at for delinquent tax notices and sheriff’s sales, in particular looking for inlot 6 in Norwalk. Using a GIS map at the Huron County Auditor’s website, Rick and Pat were able to locate and record current data on inlot 6 in Norwalk. The present building is zoned as commercial and contains a multi-story building built ca 1900 housing several stores. Rick will check with the Ohio State Historical Society to see if they have additional early tax records for the period after 1838.

Rick completed his review of early PA newspapers on GenealogyBank, no hits on our Pomeroy, Coe or Junkins surnames found. Rick also reviewed Ohio newspapers on GenealogyBank, noting that the Cleveland Plain Dealer notes the arrivals of passengers at hotels and public houses. Rick also checked the Cornell University library for Genesee County Newspapers and the University of Ohio for additional northwestern Ohio newspapers and found a listing for the Toledo Blade, the collection starts at 1835.

Pat added Matthew M. Coe’s and Capt. John Coe’s genealogy from the book “Robert Coe, Puritan” by J. Gardner Bartlett, (Boston, 1911) into the Eltweed database. Pat has been researching the Deyo(e) family who married into the Pomeroy Family and the Coe Family. In addition to these connections, 2 daughters of Sarah (Powers) Beatty, “adopted” daughter of David and Mary Ann (Coe) Powers were buried in the DeYo Cemetery. Pat is researching this family to find a connection with our Powers, Beatty and Coe families. Another Pomeroy/Deyo connection was discovered in this research. David Deyo (great granduncle of Denton Deyo who married Martha Elizabeth Pomeroy (Truman E., Daniel Sterling, Eleazer D., Daniel, Noah, Joseph, Eltweed), married a Mary Pomeroy. Mary was born abt 1770 and married 2 Mar 1790 in Schoharie, Schoharie Co., NY. Who is this Mary? Could she be the daughter of Seth (Medad, Joseph, Medad, Eltweed) and Clemensa (Wadsworth) Pomeroy? Elisha Pomeroy, a son of Seth also settled in N.Y. More research is necessary to identify this Mary.

We have added 375 people, 141 sources and 1894 citations to our genealogy databases over the past two weeks.

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  1. I have a bookby edwin moore pomeroy published in1958 on the history and geneology of pomeroy family. It is primarily George Pomeroy in the United states fromcounty cork, Ireland, and county devon inEngland and Holme family in Lancaster England.......Is thisnthe same Pomeroy family? My mother was a Carmichael

  2. The book we are updating is by Albert Alonzo Pomeroy and is on the descendants of Eltweed Pomeroy. That being said, though, in order to make sure we have all of these descendants, we have been researching ALL Pomeroys in the US and Canada - so we have also been researching the descendants of George Pomeroy. We're not planning on updating that book, as it was published more recently.


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